Miss Daisy and Lavender




We impulsively decided to gift our daughter two angora bunnies in July.  For her 8th birthday, Sunshine was delighted to wake up to discover she was the new owner of sisters, who she named Miss Daisy and Lavender.  Through her very good friend, Sunshine acquired a love for bunnies and with my fibre obsession, it seemed like a natural addition to our farm.

Josh built the hutch in a few days, inspired by designs we found on-line.  It is a very large hutch, with two separate runs in it that are accessible to each other with a pop-hole that can be opened and closed.  At the back on each side is a little nook for hunkering down to sleep.  If we ever choose to breed the girls, which at this point is definately not in my radar, the two sides will come in handy as well.






Sunshine and I do the grooming together…I comb one bunny at a time while Sunshine gently holds her in place, crooning in bunny-speak.  They seem to understand her as she really has created a good trusting relationship with her girls.  The bunnies don’t seem to mind our two cats and three dogs, either…they get to watch the whole farm from their good vantage point over the bridge and close to the house.

And the fibre!!!!!  It is lusciously satiny and light as a feather.  The silky softest fibre I’ve ever touched.  I will have to ply it together with some of my merino wool to give it a little substance, or else it will take me forever to have enough for any knitting.




I honestly would never have figured myself for a bunny lover, but these two girls are pretty irresistible.  And my own Sunshine has shown me what a whole lotta love can do for these critters…while she takes them on walks around the yard and garden, I am dreaming up woolly creations that are beyond silky soft!






With the snow creeping down the mountains these last few days, it was only a matter of time before Jack Frost painted his frost flowers all around the homestead.  This morning, our little farm was magically transformed into a wonderland of dusty ice.

Just in time, I finished the Violet Cap by Melissa LaBarre from the first edition of Making ~ and the second issue is due out in early November!  It is a light weight hat just perfect for these cool mornings that warm up into sunshiney afternoons.  I used some leftover yarn from this shawl which is the perfect weight for a slouchy, lacey hat.











Sunshine asked to share this hat with her…It’s hard to resist someone who loves my knitting so much!

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it passed on by

I’ve been away from this space for a few weeks months.  A whole lot of Life happened….farming, playing, gardening, relaxing.  I find that my evening time has dwindled as we stayed out late in the summery sunshine, then made dinner late and got to bed late.  By then, I was pooped.  Now, the light is dwindling and we are making more efforts to get to bed earlier, but I am still pooped…it is such a busy time of year that my energy is on so many other things, often outdoors or in the kitchen.

However, some highlights from the last few months, of those when I had a camera on hand, which wasn’t often.

Farming…we were briefly graced with a turtle friend at the pond.  We don’t think she stayed, though…but it was fun catching glimpses of her before she ducked down beneath the waters.

July 2016 - turtle 2

July 2016 - turtle 5

August 2016 - Skywalker's new home

Skywalker got new digs recently…he is gearing up for date month with the girls this fall.


The later part of summer brought some heartache to our farm.  We lost two of our lambs within days of each other, despite our best efforts.  It was a very difficult time for our family as the reality of caring for so many animals also means that some will not make it.  Unexpected goodbyes are difficult, but so are the ones when you see an animal failing. We tried everything, desperately putting our lives on hold in every way to nurse the dying lambs ~ which is, of course, what we needed to do.  But no amount of phone calls and help from more experienced farmers could prevent the ram lambs from dying.  With sheep, it can happen very very quickly.  It even had me wondering if I was made out of the right stuff to continue with my small flock of fibre sheep.  Ah, but what a difference a few weeks make for morale…and with all the other sheep dosed with preventative meds, we saw our flock bouncing back from the brink.

Since our August trials, we have said goodbye to another lamb who was sold to a friend’s fibre farm down the road…we will visit Aspen and see his lambs that he will sire this fall.  Romeo, our first ram, was sold as our new ram, Skywalker, settles into his kingly role on the farm.  Finally, I made the hard decision of giving my Nubian goats away to someone who had more time for milking.  Honestly, with my husband away so much, running a farm and doing dairy chores was overwhelming.  Simplifying is a good thing.

Once we found a farm sitter, though, we did a little family camping.





Other days, we wandered down the road from our house to the river to play…


It was a different summer here, weatherwise.  Lots of sunshine sprinkled with little bursts of showers in the afternoons.  We were far more homebound than beachbound in recent years, but we also didn’t deal with the smoke from wild fires like most August and September days.


Puzzles, books, card games, marble runs and snuggles with the animals made for rainy indoor weather during those weeks.  It was a very full summer and now that the farm is winding down again for the winter, I feel I can step back and breathe deeply in all the good times that we had in August and September.  Moving forward into October now, I sense a slowing down beginning…and for that I am very grateful.


Happy Autumn, friends!  Do keep in touch as I will be hosting a give-away soon of my Wool Maiden yarn….hopefully October 20th…I just need to get busy and dye some more wool!

xo Jules